20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 15

Phrase 15: Buckle up. It makes it harder for the aliens to snatch you from your car.

“So, we have one of two options. A: We drive through the minefield of space ships in the sky and hope we don’t get sucked up. Or B: We drive away now and do this at a later date.” I said, laying out the options to my brother.

The jeep hummed steadily as I waited for his answer. We didn’t have long, only a few seconds at most. “Are you sure these are the only two options we have?” He asked.

I nodded. We didn’t really have any other choice. Life as we knew it was gone and there was no intelligence about their movements. It was a decision we would have to make sooner or later. Why delay the inevitable?

“Alright, we should face them now.” He said nervously.

With a smirk, I said “Buckle up. It makes it harder for the aliens to snatch you from your car.”


20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 14

Phrase 14-I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.

I stared at the dinner before me with a confused look on my face. There was definitely supposed to be meat here. I thrived on meat. “Where’s the meat?” I asked, wondering if this was some cruel prank. Kayla had to be pulling a prank. She wouldn’t do this to me, would she?

“There is no meat! I have decided to become a vegetarian and from now on, we will not be eating anything containing animal products.” Kayla said, happily taking a bite of the offending dinner. I loved my girlfriend, but damn, I hated when she did things like this.

I frowned for a moment, before saying, “Haha, okay. Very funny. I thought you were making lemon chicken tonight?” I had been counting on that lemon chicken; I had been force fed healthy food at the company luncheon. My boss was on a health kick and that meant she was monitoring everyone else closely. I shuddered at the memory of wheatgrass.

“I was, but now I am a vegetarian and therefore, I can’t have lemon chicken. So, I decided we would have a salad with some Tofu.” She said like it was the most rational thought in the world.

“What the fuck? I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!” I said, panic rising in my chest. It was like my worst nightmare realized. I never knew how close our vegetarian overlords were to taking over.

“Stop being so dramatic Lana. It won’t kill you.” She said, a bit cross at my response.

I looked dubiously at the Tofu, than Kayla. I guess I would have to make the best of terrible situation which meant buckling in for the ride and making snappy jokes along the way. I took a bite of the Tofu and wrapped my hands around my throat. “Oh no! The tofu is killing me!” I shouted, pretending to choke on it

I could see Kayla try not to laugh at my terrible sense of humor out of the corner of my eye. She always hated when I did like things like this. They weren’t exactly the things you should laugh at, but you laughed at them anyway. “Stop being so dramatic.” She tried to say, with the occasional burst of laughter.

I swallowed the piece of Tofu and said, “You know you love it when I am dramatic!”

She rolled her eyes at me and threw a piece of Tofu at me. The two of us laughed and continued on with our daily meal. You know, Tofu wasn’t actually so bad.

20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 13

Phrase: I am a Nobody. Nobody is Perfect. Therefore I am Perfect.

I am a Nobody. Nobody is Perfect. Therefore I am Perfect.

What a great train of thought! After all, that is true about me. Everyone ignores me and I am considered an extra in the great performance that is known as life, but the joke is on them. I reach and excel at my goals, but no one expects me to. I am free from the anxiety that comes along with the expectations of others. The only expectations that I have to face are my own and let’s face it, I exceed at everything.

Nobody is perfect, therefore I am perfect.

20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 12

Phrase 12-A penny for your thoughts. A dollar if you flash me!

Penny for your thoughts?” I asked, taking a seat next to Jasper. It wasn’t hard to tell when he was upset, especially if you knew what to look for. He currently had his ‘Forlorn Love’ face on and kept sighing every few seconds. Oh, this was going to be fun.

“Nothing.” He said, with that mopey look on his face.

I rolled my eyes. “Dude, I know you too well for it to be nothing. Now, I am going to have to ask Chatty Cathy,’ I jerked my thumb over to the local school gossip, Cathy, ‘Or are you going to tell me what has your underwear in a bunch?”

“Well, you see I was going to ask this girl out…” He said.

“UGH!” I groaned, knowing I have to listen to one of his straight boy tales again.

“You’re the one who wanted to know what was wrong!” He replied defensively.

“Doesn’t mean I have to be excited. Continue.” I said, motioning for him to continue.

“Anyway, I was going to ask her out and I found out that she is dating someone else. What am I going to do?” He asked.

“Be happy for her?” I said.

“But I mean I like her. How could she do this to me?”

“Listen up, Captain Dudebro. She wasn’t yours in the first place. Who she dates and doesn’t date isn’t your decision. In my opinion, she got lucky that she doesn’t have to deal with your dumbass.”

“How can you say that? You are supposed to be my friend!”

“I am and one of my duties as a friend is to make sure that you don’t become a fedora wearing Dudebro that complains all the time about how ladies don’t like him when everyone knows he is a dick.”


“You’re welcome. Happy to serve. ”

20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 11

Phrase 11-Sometimes I aim to please, but mostly I just shoot to kill.

The gun feels like an extension of herself as she takes her shot. Another target down, another flawless job. She feels tired and weary of this life. She is tired of killing. She is tired of pretending and wearing a mask constantly. For once, she would just like to be done with this, but the people who hold the strings would never allow that to happen.

“Good job. You have your country well.” They say, pleased with her execution.

She wants to laugh in their face, at the lies they tell her. They tell her that her job is to serve her country, but she is a weapon and as long as she continues to kill for them, they will be pleased.  She waits for the day that she will turn her gun on them. Others will come and in their gain of power, they will want those who served before, destroyed. Her strings will not be cut, just traded to another.

Sometimes she aims to please, but mainly she just shoots to kill.

20 Phrases Challenge-Phrase 10

Phrase 10-I want to die while asleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.

“So, how would you want to go?” My friend asked. “I think I would like to go out in a meaningful way or go peacefully. I don’t want to die in pain.” We were just hanging out on a lazy summer afternoon. Our conversations had drifted towards darker and more serious topics.

I was quiet for a moment, before answering, “Yeah, I think I would like to go out peacefully like my Grandpa.” Grandpa had a good death; it was peaceful for him.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” My friend quietly said, before looking away. People always did that when you mentioned a family member or someone close was dead, no matter how long ago it had been.

“Eh, it’s okay. He died a while ago. I just feel bad for the people in the car.” I replied nonchalantly.

She looked over at me confused and propped herself up. “What do you mean feel bad for the people in the car?”

“I didn’t tell you how my Grandpa died?” I asked. I thought I had told her, but I guess not, as she shook her head.

“My Grandpa fell asleep at the wheel with passengers inside. They all died screaming, but old Gramps died in peace while asleep. Apparently, Grandpa was the only one who hadn’t touched a drop of liquor that night and told everyone he would be fine.” I said, with a casual shrug of my shoulders.

My friend stared at me, with her mouth gaping. I didn’t understand why she was shocked by it. There are worse ways to go like screaming in a car.

20 Phrases Challenge-Phrase 9

Phrase 9-You’re just jealous because the voices talk to me.

You’re just jealous because the voices talk to me!” I shouted. Eliza was making me so mad. First, she thought I was lame and didn’t want to be around her stupid sister. Then, she accused of me wanting to spend too much time around the amulet. The amulet was the only who seemed to understand me. Lately, I had been feeling so alone and I had taken comfort in the voices. I hadn’t meant to mention the voices; they were my little secret.

Eliza stepped back, her eyes widening. She looked afraid; she should be. The voices were telling me numerous ways to get rid of her once and for all. “What do you mean the voices talk to you?” She asked, her eyes moving between me and the red amulet.

Shit, I had no choice to, but to be honest with Eliza. “Since, we found the amulet, voices have been talking to me. They tell me lots of things, things I might need to know. For example, if someone is talking about me, the amulet will tell me. Once, it told me that you didn’t think I was strong enough or smart enough to go on journeys with you. It also told me that you were embarrassed of me.” I said, staring down at my feet.

Eliza stared at me for a moment. “Fin, I am so sorry. I can’t deny that I didn’t think that a long time, but I can swear to you that now it isn’t true. Fin, you are braver and smarter than most of the adults I know. Most thirteen year old girls couldn’t take on a labyrinth like this one. I am not embarrassed to have you as my sister; I am proud to have you as my sister.”

“You think that is true?” I asked, not sure whether to trust my older sister. It seemed like she had been trusting me more on this journey, like she believed that I knew what I was doing.

She nodded and I rushed over to her, wrapping my arms around her. Tears began to leak out of my eyes and I said, “I am so sorry. I should have told you about the amulet earlier.”

“It’s okay. I should have been accepting. It wasn’t your fault that you believed it. Anyone would have.” She said. I could hear the tightness in her throat.

I pulled away from Eliza and slipped the amulet off my neck. “Here. I don’t want to hear the voices anymore.” I said, handing her the necklace.

Eliza took the amulet and slipped it into a pouch. “We’ll get rid of it later, but right now, we need to continue on our way to find mom and dad together.” She said. I nodded and we continued on our way, stronger in our bond as sisters.


20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 8

Phrase 8: Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

“You are beautiful, Alex!” My Aunt slurred as she took another sip of her beer. She begins to pet my hair, tears welling in her eyes. I had to restrain myself from sighing out loud.

“I know isn’t she?” My mother says, also reaching out to pet my hair. I can tell she is getting emotional as well with the tremble in her voice. Oh no, I hate this part. I can’t deal with this much emotion.

I groan and take another sip of my soda. This always happens when my mother and Aunt drink around any of the kids. They get so emotional about how much we have grown, but I am always a hundred percent sure that it is the beer talking. Normally, I try to avoid these moments as I am allergic to any kind of emotion, but I was volunteered to be the designated driver by my cousin, Cathy. Now, I am sitting here with my Aunt and my mother petting my hair.

“You are just so great and kind. I love you so much.” My Aunt says like she is going to burst out into sobs right there.

“I love you too, honey. I don’t know what I would do without you and you have always made me proud.” My mother says, placing a kiss on my check.

Oh god, someone save me. Please. “I love you guys, too” I say politely and both of them squeeze me into a hug. I just wish if that if they meant all of this; they would just say it when they were not drunk.

20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 7

Phrase 7: Where’s there’s a will…I want to be in it.

“So….,’ I said to my cousin Ann, ‘You think he left me anything in that will?”

“Is that all you care about?” She asked, disturbed by my indifference to this time of grieving.

I pretended to be someone deep in thoughts as I thought about dear old Grandpa. The man was in no uncertain terms an old coot, who tried to make everyone miserable and went out of his way to make life a living hell. If there was any redeeming factor about the old fart, it was that he had a fuck ton of money and being ‘nice’ to him would hopefully get me some of that money.

“Well, yes.” I replied bluntly. I felt no sadness over his death.

“How do you sleep at night?” She asked as if she was talking to an unfeeling monster.

“Quite fine, thanks”. I said with a smirk and joyful tone.

20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 6

Phrase 6: Sarcasm is only one of the services I offer.

“That was brilliant. A+ plus work. Genius move.” I say sarcastically as my friend fails at her task again. She has been at this door for hours, the puzzles continuing to taunt her. My arms are crossed and I watch her with an amused smirk.

Cassie turns on me, anger apparent in her eyes. “If you are so smart, then why don’t you figure this out?” She growls frustrated. It’s not my fault she can’t solve and that she is the only one who can. If I try to solve this door or give Cassie the answer, it means certain death for us.

“Sorry, opening magical doors by solving the puzzle is not one of the services I offer.” I reply. I hope she takes the hook. Cassie is great to taunt when she is frustrated; she is too cute.

Cassie glares at me and asks, “And what services do you offer?” Hook, line, and sinker.

“Well, I do offer Sarcasm. I must say some people find my sarcasm quite amusing.” I reply jokingly. Taking things seriously is not another service I offer.

Cassie focuses on the door with a growl. “I don’t know why bring you along.”