Gray 19/100

Author’s Note: For this prompt, I decided to revisit a character I wrote about earlier in the challenge, specifically Seeking Solace 5/100. I wrote about a character named Jess, who happened to be a superhero. When I first wrote about Jess, I did not expect her to resurface. I liked her as a character, but I did not see myself writing about her again. Well, she managed to worm her way into my creativity and she is here again. I have come to actually really like her as a character and in the future, I would like to do something with Jess, preferably telling her story. For now, this will do. This is not a continuation to the previous one concerning Jess.


My world seemed gray as I looked at the mask in my hands. A part of my life seemed to flash before my life as I held it in my hands. When I started living a double life, I did not think it would ever come to this. I thought I could live both lives and be fine. I thought I could do everything and I was wrong, so very wrong.


Looking at the mask, I remembered the first time I realized there was something different about me. I was ten and I had been playing with a bunch of other girls. We had decided on a game of Frisbee and were having a grand old time with each other. The Frisbee flew into the yard of my next door neighbor, who was a mean old man. We were all too scared to ask for our Frisbee back. I had the perfect solution and I told my friends not to worry. I remember hopping on the fence and willing the Frisbee to come back into the yard. It hovered shakily above the ground for a few seconds and then, flew into my yard, landing with a thud on the ground. I hopped off the fence and faced my friends with a smile. They stood, wide eyed and scared. A few seconds later, they ran away and I learned my gift was something to be feared. No, I was something to be feared. I was an abomination of humanity. I was a freak.



Years after the incident and miles away from that little house, I was attending a lecture at school for my ethics class. We had wandered onto the topic of those with extraordinary gifts. Should they use them to protect the world or should they hide them from humanity? The conversation was unnervingly real for me. Was I supposed to be using my powers for the betterment of humanity? I had long since learned that I was to hide them from the world. That did not mean that I did not train with my powers, but no one knew I had them. Finally, I worked up the courage to ask my professor what his thoughts on the issue were. He was quiet for a moment and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. “If you have a gift that benefits the world in anyway, you have an obligation to use that gift to benefit the world no matter what the price is.” He said.



After the morality class, I had taken up the persona, Animus. In Latin, Animus meant spirit and had more to do with the will/spirit of a human. Being Telekinetic, I thought it suited me quite well. After all, one had to have a lot of will and focus for telekinesis. I remember the first night I began to patrol the streets as Animus. I wore gray and red, my two favorite colors. As I was moving among the rooftops, I spotted a man who was threatening to harm a poor woman with her young son. He had trapped the two of them in a dark alley.


Using my powers, I lowered myself to the ground behind the man. I cleared my throat and the man turned to face me. I could smell the alcohol on his breath and I wanted to throw up. “Get out of here, Freak. Nothing for you to see.” He growled, waving the knife. I rolled my eyes and concentrated on knocking him backwards. He flew into the wall, behind the woman and the boy. He hit it harder than I meant for him to and I winced at the sound of it. The man did not get up and I went over to check. He was still breathing and seemed to only have been knocked out.


I focused my attention on the woman and her child. The woman pulled her son close, trying to shield him from me. Both seemed scared of me even though I did not have the intention of hurting them. I gave both of them a warm smile and said “I am not going to hurt you. I only wanted to help. You are safe.” The woman released her son, who promptly asked “Are you a superhero?”


I smiled at the young boy and said “Hopefully, one day.”


The boy smiled back at me and was cut off by his mother before he could ask another question. “Thank you!” She said with relief and thankfulness in her voice. The woman scooped her son up in her arms and smiled at me.


“Not a problem.” I replied. The woman began to walk away with her son. I could not blame her; I was eager to get out of here myself. Before the woman and her son walked out of the alley, the son asked “What’s your name?”





I was engaged to Dylan. How did I tell him that I was a Doctor by day and a crime fighting Superhero by night? How did I tell him that my life was full of danger and there was a very real possibility we could never have a real family? How could I ask him to give up his normal life?


I could not, which was why I had to break it off now. I dreamed of spending the rest of my life with Dylan. There was no one else that I wanted to do that with. He was kind and forgiving. Dylan supported me and often encouraged me to go after what I wanted. I did the same for him. It was never about one of us having the upper hand in the relationship; it was always about us working together as partners. It broke my heart to think of him spending his whole life with another woman when I wanted him to spend the rest of his with me. However, Love is giving up the one you care about and giving them a better chance at life.


Everything seemed so gray in that moment. My world felt cold without Dylan in it. I heard him come through the door and close. He took a seat next to me on the couch and asked “Jess, what’s wrong? You sounded upset on the phone.”


The gray was suffocating as I turned my head to face and answer him. “I can’t marry you.” I said emotionless, holding out the ring for him to take.


Dylan stared and I could see the heartbreak on his face. I had to turn away in order to stop myself from bursting into tears myself. Gosh, Everything seemed so gray. “Why?” He asked, hurt.


“I just can’t.” I said, not facing him.


“Jess, please just give me a reason. I need to know. You are the only one I want to spend my life. I thought we both loved each other. Maybe, I was wrong. Maybe, I was the one in love with you.” He said.


“I’m doing this, because I love you. I am giving you the chance to have a real life without me.” I said, trying not to break down.


“Why would you do that? Don’t I have a choice in this? Marriage is between two people who both get to make decisions.” He countered.


I turned to face him with a slightly angry look on my face. “I am a superhero. Actually, I am the superhero, Animus. I am in constant danger and I can’t have a regular life. I have to be the one to protect the world. I couldn’t let you stay with me, because it wasn’t fair to ask you to give up the chance at a normal life.” I said, trying even harder not to break down.


Dylan looked surprised. He would hate me after this. He would want nothing to do with me, just like those girls had. I was an abomination to humanity. I felt his arms wrap around me and pull me close. I was surprised at this, considering I thought he would have run away. “Jess, you don’t have to bear this weight alone anymore. I don’t care if we ever have children or if you want to be a superhero for the rest of your life. I care that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. The world is no longer yours to bear alone. I will be here with you every step of the way. Jess, I still want to marry you if you will have me.”


“Yes, Yes I do.”


A tear leaked done my cheek as I continued to stare at the mask in my hands. It was true that I would get to spend the rest of my life with Dylan. However, Dylan would not get to spend the rest of his with me. The villain threatened to destroy everything I loved if I did not give myself up. I would probably be unmasked and humiliated. In the end, I would die. That would only happen if I decided to give myself up.


Gray is the color of uncertainty and it represented my future at the moment. My whole world was crashing around me and being swallowed up by the gray. The people I cared about were paying the price for my mistakes and for my alter identity. I was being torn apart by two lives: my life as a Doctor and my life as the Superhero, Animus. I would either reveal myself to the world or I would continue to lead the double life. Tomorrow would be the day I would make a choice. Tomorrow would be the day, I walked into the Lion’s den, choosing to end my life as a Superhero and revealing myself to the world.

Word Count: 1633


Rainbow 18/100

I stared at the rainbow, enjoying the rays of color. It looked so beautiful against the clear blue sky, even after everything I had been through. A smile made it’s way onto my face and in that moment, I realized something. There will be days when the rain will be coming down so hard you can not see the road in front of you. It might seem hopeless, but you can never give up. At the end of every storm, there will be a rainbow, a symbol of hope and peace. Things have to get worse before they can get better. Sometimes, you have to fight your way through the rainstorm to get to the rainbow.

Word Count: 116

Blood 17/100

The enemy wears blood of the innocent on their hands.
It coats their hands like crimson gloves
and stains their souls, leaving a mark forever.
I am better than them.
I am nothing like them.
I do not slaughter the perfectly innocent
in the name of a faceless dictator.
I do not pillage the small villages
in the name of a faulty king.
I do not wage total war
in the name of an idiot leader.
They are barbaric savages, fighting
in the name of hatred and prejudice.
I am the fearless hero, fighting
for freedom and that which is right.
Then why can I not for the life of me,
Wash the blood off my own hands?
I am nothing like them.
I will always be better than them.

Questioning 16/100

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that this is my longest piece by far, and I am a little nervous in posting it in it’s entirety. However, I hope you enjoy it! I know I have not done this for others, but I feel it is far to warn you that there is murder and cursing. I really hope you guys enjoy it and Thank you for everything!


I wish I had an ounce of common sense. Maybe, I would be in such a mess. God, I really have to stop questioning things and sticking my nose where it does not belong. Yeah right. Me not being curious? That is like a fish who is afraid of water. I ignored all the signs and said ‘Screw you’ to the stops signs.


You know what they say; Curiosity killed the cat.



I suppose I should start with the beginning of the tale. After all, is that not where all protagonists get their beginnings? Mine started with an advertisement in the Newspaper. It went a little something like this:


Secretary wanted!

New Business in Town!!

If Interested, Please Call


Serious Contacts Only!


Huh. The Advertisement caught my eye and my interest piqued. I should have just continued to look. Instead, I picked up the phone and dialed the number. My nerves buzzed with excitement and I danced a little in my seat due to anticipation. The phone rang for a few minutes before a man picked up. His voice was rather deep and commanding. I swallowed a little in nervousness.


“Hello. Whelan and Company. This is Robert speaking. How can I help you?” He asked.


“Hi! I am Amelia Doyle! I saw your advertisement in the newspaper and I wanted to call to get more information on the secretarial position.” I replied, trying to be professional as I could.


Robert was quiet for a moment before speaking. “Could you come in for an interview at three, today? I hate to impose such a time limit, but we need this position filled quickly.”


“I can do that! I can totally be there!” I said, trying to hide the excitement.


“Good, Ms. Doyle. I look forward to seeing you at three. ” Robert replied.


“Thank you so much!” I said. The two of us exchanged some information and goodbyes. I hung up the phone in excitement. I was about to dance in my seat. My green eyes glanced up at the clock on the wall, seeing it was already one. I mumbled a few curses under my breath and sprung into action. I still had to tame my wild black hair and make sure I looked presentable. Plus, I needed to email my cover letter and resume to the company.


It took me a little bit to get ready, but I still had some time to spare. I had never heard of Whelan and Company before and I was curious to know what they did. Grabbing my trusty laptop, I set out to find some information about my future employers. My search proved to be futile as I could find no information on the company. It was almost like they did not exist. That was odd. It set off a little warning in my head and I decided to ignore it. How I should have listened.



At a few minutes before three, I arrived at the premises of Whelan and Company. I surveyed the glass building, marveled by the beauty of it. I could not believe that I might be an employee here. A few minutes later, I was on the 27th floor of the building, ready to meet the man I would be working for.


I stepped into the office and I saw a man at the desk. I made my way over to the desk and gave the man behind the desk a wave. “Hello, I am Amelia Doyle and I am here for my interview at three for the secretary position.” I gave the man my brightest smile.


He did not smile at me, but rather he stood up and fixed his suit. The man motioned for me to follow him. Walking beside each other, we were a pair of contrasts. I was incredibly short while he was incredibly tall. He was dark while I was rather pale. I was walking stick while his muscles had muscles. The two of us were quite the pair.


“Ms. Doyle, please follow me. I am Robert, the one speaking to you on the phone earlier. I normally do not do secretarial things, but rather I aide Mr. Whelan. Our last secretary had to be disposed of as she could not do her job correctly. I am sure we will not have that problem with you.” Robert said, stopping in front of the door and giving me a fake smile. Well, that was not nerve wracking at all. Robert pushed the door open for me and beckoned me to head into the room.


I took small steps into the room and glanced around nervously. There was only one man in the room besides Robert and I. He was sitting behind a desk, finishing speaking on the phone with another person. I could hear Robert close the door behind me and I walked over to the desk. Mr. Whelan gave me a smile as he placed the phone down. “Hello there, Ms. Doyle. You do not know how glad I am to have you in for this interview. By the way, I am Thomas Whelan.” Mr. Whelan said, shaking my hand and beckoning me to sit. I took my seat in the left chair while Robert took his seat in the right chair.


Mr. Whelan was quite different from Robert. He seemed kinder and more emotional than Robert. He had nice blue eyes hidden behind thin frames and slicked black blonde hair. I assumed he was shorter than Robert since it seemed that the world was shorter than Robert. Golly, I had never seen someone so tall as him. It was clear that he was someone who demanded respect and controlled the whole operation.


Mr. Whelan turned to face me and said “I read over the cover letter and resume you sent me, Ms. Doyle. I must say I am impressed.  A major in Business and English while also obtaining a minor in Philosophy is interesting. It is even more interesting that besides English, you know two other languages: Latin and Mandarin. Your references check out and I am eager to hand you the job. There is something I must discuss with you before I can even give you the job. Are you okay with this?” He said, watching me carefully.


I am a bright person, unfortunately the economy sucked and I needed a job. I excelled in school and found myself thriving in the academic environment. I was hoping to gain a foot in the business world;  this would sustain me until I found another job. I nodded my head, giving consent to the questioning.


“Ms. Doyle, Our company works on a need to know basis. Those who need to know are informed. You will be kept in the dark on many things, seeing as you will not need to know most of this information. Your job is not dangerous, but there can be dangerous people who come in here at times. Please do not spread any information you know. There are certain people who will not be happy. However, you will mostly be filing, answering phone calls, creating my appointments, keeping me in check with my appointments, and escorting guests to my office. Do you still want the job, Ms. Doyle?” Mr. Whelan asked, watching me with worried eyes.


My survival instincts said no; My curiosity said yes.


“Yes.” I said, my voice calm and even.


“Good, you start tomorrow, Ms. Doyle.”



I had been working at Whelan and Company for a few months now. Everything was going swimmingly and I enjoyed my job. Mr. Whelan and Robert were both nice men and I found myself getting along well with them. This job seemed a bit like a dream come true. It payed me nicely while I continued to look for something that I would enjoy doing in the long term. However, the catalyst for my questioning would begin with a simple phone call.


It was a regular day at the office when the phone rang. I picked it up with lightening speed and answered “Hello, this is Whelan and Company. Amelia Doyle, speaking. How can I help you?”


There was heavy breathing and soft sounds of sobbing on the other end of the line. We were both quiet on the line. I was about to speak again when the person spoke. “Tell, Mr. Whelan, I can have his money in a month. Just please tell him to leave me and my family alone please!” The voice nearly sobbed on the other end.


“I am sorry, Sir. I really don’t know what you are talking about. Let me transfer you to Mr. Whelan. I am sure that he would be interested in talking with you. I am also sure that he would be more than willing to work with you.” I replied with sympathy. That seemed to displease the voice on the other end as they screamed ‘NO!’ I nearly jumped in my seat and the person on the other end was sobbing.


“Please, just tell him to leave us be! We can get the money! We just need more time.” The person cried. I could barely understand them and my heart broke in pain as I sensed there was a dire emergency for them at the moment.


“Sir, just stay calm and we can-” I was cut off by the man.


“OH GOD NO! JUST PLEASE, NO!” He screamed before I heard him and several others scream. I placed my hand over my chest to steady my heart and my eyes widened in fear. I  took deep, ragged breaths, trying to calm myself.


“Sir?” I asked before hearing the dial tone of the phone.


At that same exact moment, Mr. Whelan stepped out of his office, to get some coffee. As he passed by my desk, he asked “Is everything alright, Ms. Doyle?”


I nodded my head, not trusting myself to speak. Mr. Whelan seemed not to believe me and replied “Good, Ms. Doyle. Remember, crazy people occasionally call.” I could have sworn that there was something sinister about Mr. Whelan. It might have been the glint in his eyes or the edge of the tone in his voice. However, I was shaken by the incident. The worse was only to come.



It was another average day at the office without any freaky phone calls. Nothing weird had happened since the incident, but it had opened my eyes. I was noticing small details that I had never noticed before. I noticed the secretive manner in which Mr. Whelan operated. I, also, noticed that Robert seemed to have eyes and ears everywhere. It was quite frightening actually.


I had been given some files to put in their respective folders. It was a short walk from my desk to the filing room. Robert had promised to cover the desk until I came back. I made my way to the filing room which was filled with an organized system. The last folder was the one that would begin the questions again in my mind.  I remember the name on the folder: Sarah Tyler. At first, the folder seemed normal, nothing out of the average.


It was not until I dropped it that I realized there was something off about it. I tripped slightly and the folder flew out of my hands. It landed with a soft thud on the floor and the file laid open. I tried not to look at the contents within, but I was just so damn curious. I knelt down to pick the file up and instead began to read it. There was a photo of a woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes staring up at me. A big, red ‘Terminated’ was stamped across her face. I began to flip through the pages of the file. There were numerous photos and detailed reports of Sarah’s life in here.


“Amelia, is everything okay in there?” Robert shouted from down the hall. I nearly fell over onto the ground from the shock.


“Yes! Just tripped!” I yelled back, scooping the folder up. I made sure that the folder looked the way it did before I tripped. I hastily stuffed it into the place it belonged and headed back to my desk. Robert gave me an odd look to which I returned with a nervous smile. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as soon as Robert left and I sank back into my chair. I knew my mind would not rest until I did my research on Sarah Tyler. Something was going on at Whelan and Company. When I started, I thought they were simply a business company. I never knew what they really were until I did my digging.


This next incident really shook me to the core. There are some days where I wish these memories were dreams. I wish they would disappear, but they will not and I can not stop questioning what is going on.


I was working a little later than normal at the office. There was some filling I had to get done and I wanted to retype the schedule up for Mr. Whelan. He was very neat about everything and I tried to be neat about them too. I had finished Mr. Whelan’s schedule and I decided to bring it to him, rather than leaving it in his mailbox. I was about to turn the corner into the hallway where the door to his office when I heard voices. Rather than doing the responsible thing: Leaving the schedule in his mailbox, I flattened myself against the wall and spied from my little spot.


I could not make out what they were saying, but what I did see frightened me. Robert and Mr. Whelan were talking to each other in what seemed hushed tones. Robert had a duffle bag over his shoulder and gestured to it. Robert, then, proceeded to open the duffle bag. He pulled out what seemed to be pieces of a gun. Actually, it looked more like a rifle. That is when I decided to make my hasty retreat. I had a fear of guns since I was a small girl due to my Grandfather and I was not going to deal with a Robert who had a gun in his hands. A gut instinct told me this man could be deadly with a gun. I slipped the schedule into Mr. Whelan’s folder and left for the day. It seemed things were only going to get worse.



I had not expected to get this deep. There were little signs that Mr. Whelan and Roger were on to me. They would say things like ‘Be Careful’, ‘Watch Your Back’, or ‘We wouldn’t want you to have an accident now would we?’ I could always feel their eyes on me, carefully observing every move I made. I never truly felt alone even when I was alone.  I could always feel their eyes on me, like my every move was being watched. At times, I would go to certain places and see a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I was being followed and there was no doubt about it.  After all, my questioning nature knew too much. I was planning to go the police tonight. I had information on their next target and I had information about the three other incidents.


The man from the phone call was Nicholas Percival and he had a Wife with two small children. I turned on the television that night to the news and I saw his face on the news. Apparently, there had been a home invasion earlier that day. No one had heard or seen anything, but the family had been brutally slaughtered. The sick bastard who did this cut them from limb to limb. I nearly threw up out of guilt about the news and there was only one person I could see doing this: Robert.


I did some research about Sarah Tyler after that day at work. Several news reports came up about her. She had disappeared from her home a few months ago. Her friends had been worried to find her, mentioning that she knew something she was not supposed to. A few days later, they found her in the river with her throat slit open. Do you know what company Sarah Tyler used to work for? Whelan and Company. While I was not the one to replace her, I was the one to replace her replacement.


A few days, after the rifle incident, I turned on the news to see if anything had happened. A wealthy businessman had been killed by an assassin as he was getting out of his car. The police have not caught him yet and they have no trail for the suspect. I know who it is: Robert. I have to turn them in. I can not let Mr. Whelan and Robert hurt anyone else. I just have to find my car keys and then, I can go.



-Unknown 3rd Person P.O.V.-


The man settled himself on top of the roof, waiting for the right moment to strike. The gun was loaded and ready. His thumb was on the trigger, waiting for his mind to give him the cue. The bossman had ordered that this girl needed to go. She knew too much and was a threat to security. It was only a matter of time before she went to the police. The bossman had made sure they would not be connected to the murder.


The man smiled as he watched the dark haired girl emerge from the building. She looked around for a bit before heading to where her car was parked on the street. ‘Big mistake, girly. Should have looked up at the sky’ he thought to himself. The man pulled the trigger of the gun and hit his mark. She dropped to the ground and there were several shrieks. The man could see the pool of blood, gathering around her head. It looked like a crimson halo, giving her an unearthly look.


The man smirked to himself and began to put the gun away. After a few seconds, the man began to make his disappearance into the night. Maybe if she had not been so questioning, she would still be alive. Amelia Doyle really should have been careful especially when she was dealing with Whelan and Company.

Word Count: 3,077

Silence 15/100

The silence is deafening

when they come for you at a supposed safe place.

with their cruel words and their destructive attacks.

They manage to tear you apart, piece by piece,

both physically and mentally.

Everyone around watches with pity in their eyes

yet they never stand to speak on your behalf to help.

They dare not break the silence.

The silence is deafening

when he is feeling and sizing you up

like a prized hide he hunted down on a trip.

You can feel your own soul decay and

your heart wither like a flower in winter.

Everyone can see the pleas for help in your eyes,

but they just ignore those pleas, too scared to speak.

They dare not break the silence.

The silence is deafening

when your demons tear at your soul and heart,

threatening to snuff the life out of you by your own hand.

You watch the love for life die in your eyes

and your world turn to a grey wasteland of emptiness.

Everyone knows that you are dying on the inside,

but they pretend not to notice or that it’s not real.

They dare not break the silence.

The silence is deafening

when you are told you are a monster

for something beyond your own control.

You feel like an abomination to humanity

and you hide your true self just to fit in amongst the sheep.

Everyone watches you turn into someone you’re not,

but they turn a blind eye to your distress and agony.

They dare not break the silence.

The silence is deafening

when all you need is some help or some kindness.

Speaking out is not always the most popular move,

but it is often the right and needed one, the route less taken.

Everyone will denounce and treat you like a traitor against your own,

but you will be the instigator of change and a hope to the broken,

if you break the silence.

Smile 14/100

My, My, What a beautiful smile you have.

It shines like the stars when you pull back those lips.

My, My, What a gorgeous smile you have.

A warmness floods me every time I catch a glimpse.

My, My, What a radiant smile you have.

My cloudy days disappear at the sight of it.

My, My, What a glorious smile you have.

Sometimes, it’s just worth it to see you smile

even if I am not the one causing it.


Misfortune 13/100

By misfortune, I choose to wear these festive, red heels. I thought they looked nice and they fit the holiday mood. When I slipped them on before we went to the party, I noticed they were a bit tight and a bit too tall. I thought I could handle them and they would not hurt, but I was wrong, so very wrong. Every time I take a step, I wince with pain. I only wanted to dance the night away in your arms, but I think I might have to take a break soon or my feet might just fall off.

How misfortunate that I decided to wear this dress. I thought I could please people with this dress, but the more I move in it, the more uncomfortable I am. It looks too old for my age and the dress is rather loose which allows it to rub me in all the wrong places. I thought your mother or your grandmother might appreciate me wearing an ultra conservative choice, but they still look at me like I came in wearing trash. Only this time, I actually feel like I am wearing trash.

This party is a great misfortune. I can not believe that we decided to attend this thing. With every breath I take, I can feel myself growing older and there is never enough alcohol in the world to drown out my feelings. I would love to continue to dance with you, but the music is too slow and the band seems to be barely there. Plus, the shoes are still killing me. People chatter with each other about dull things; no one seems to care whether anyone is actually going to die of boredom.

It is with great misfortune that I must endure this company. No one seems to talking about anything remotely interesting. If they do talk about something interesting, to show a different opinion is to will hate on yourself. Everyone is stuck in their ways and when they talk, they mumble under their breaths. At times, I can hear the voices of the parents in the Peanuts rather than their own. I get several glares from different people and several remarks on the person I am.

This misfortune is also fortune. Did I ever mention that I get to spend most of the party with you? Did I also mention that when this party is over I get to go home with you and spend my life with you? The shoes do not hurt when you pick me up and twirl me on the small, unoccupied dance floor. My dress does not seem so old when you whisper in my ear how beautiful I am. I feel younger and livelier when I get to be with you at the party. Everything seems more interesting when you are around. When misfortune smiles her mischievous grin at me, you are the one who brings fortune back around.

Word Count: 491