Light 3/100

I wake up in the dark or maybe not. After all, I can see completely fine in this empty room. Let me correct that: smelly room. I crinkle my nose in displeasure. A groan escapes my lips and I manage to push myself off the flimsy mattress. My muscles ache and complain in protest. I ignore them purposefully, focusing on only one thing: where I am. I spy the door out of the corner of my eye and take shaky steps toward it. Before, I can fully reach the door; someone throws it open and shines the light in my eyes.

I let out a strangled hiss and cover my eyes. What the hell, bro? The light burned my retinas and a dormant instinct kicked in. Get rid of the fucking light the instinct hissed at me. I uncovered my eyes slowly and looked toward the ground. The light still was too bright, but much more bearable. I could smell the fear of the owner of the light. God, it smelled so good.

“Stop right there. Now, I am going to cuff you and you are going to come with me. We can get you help. ” The voice commanded, carefully trying to hide their fear. The instinct, which was more a voice by this point, began to instruct me on how to get rid of him. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I wasn’t in control anymore. The voice/instinct had control now.

My hand moved with lightening speed and knocked the flashlight out of the owner’s hand. The flashlight hit the wall and spun around, finally leaving me be. The light was no longer in my eyes. I slowly looked up towards the person in front of me and grinned devilishly. The man looked absolutely terrified and began to step back. It was a shame he wasn’t fast enough.

I ran towards him and knocked him into a wall. The dude practically went flying towards it. He screamed and I held him down against the wall. I could hear his heart beat in a steady rhythm of fear. I could hear his blood rushing through his veins. My God, he smelled so good to me. I leaned down and latched my jaws on to his neck. He screamed even louder, clawing at me pathetically. I began to drain the blood from his body; I have never tasted anything so good. A moan of pleasure escaped my mouth. This tasted better than the shakes they made at Dina’s.

His screams turned into whimpers and his clawing became incredibly feeble. After a little longer, he became still and the whimpers stopped. I pulled away and wiped away the blood from my mouth with my hand. In that moment, the weight of my actions hit me. I just killed a man. No, I drained the blood from his body. Oh, God. I stood up quickly and looked down at the man and surveyed the damage I caused. I stepped back and I began to hyperventilate at the sight.

I decided to run. I couldn’t be here when the cops found this dude’s body. There was no way I was going to prison. Fuck that, man. I turned around to see a flight of stairs leading up to the first floor of the building. Giving one last look at the dude, I ran up the stairs and got the hell out of the building.

I stepped out onto the alley way behind the building and looked around. I hissed when I accidentally glanced at the light of a street lamp. God, it was so bright. I didn’t understand what was going and it seemed no one was going to tell me. I needed to get the hell out of here and get home. Man, my mom was going to kill me. That was, if the police didn’t get to me first.

I continued out of the alley way and began to walk down the deserted sidewalk. I tried not to look at myself in the windows of the shops. I didn’t know if I could stand the sight of myself. It was too hard to resist. When I finally reached the perfect one, I looked into the window and was surprised at the person staring back. He wasn’t me. He had dark red eyes and he looked like a predator, ready to tear your throat out. Blood covered his mouth and chin. His teeth were razor sharp and His skin was incredibly pale.

I finally had to look away because of the fucking lights. My God, they were so bright. It all made sense now. I mean, now I knew why I flipped out. I was a mother fuckin’ vampire. I was an actual mother fuckin’ vampire. Shit. That’s why it hurt to look at the lights.

Word Count: 806


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