Heaven 7/100


No one knows how to define it. We grasp at the ideal notion of a paradise above our own world where we are stripped of our humanity, one where we become perfection. We picture Heaven as a place free of trouble and worry. What if Heaven is more than that? What if Heaven is something tangible and human? What if Heaven was something we could reach on Earth?

That’s the thing. I do not know that Heaven is so unreachable. I found my version of heaven on this planet.

It’s when I am with her, that Heaven becomes my reality. I can not describe the feeling I get in my heart around her. I know there is love and a multitude of other feelings, but there is something so much more. I feel peace, an incredible peace. She makes me no longer worry about my problems and reminds of what I have to be thankful for. She reminds me to cherish what I have in the moment and love with all of my heart. She is my Heaven.

I have never seen such beautiful eyes, blue as the ocean. They pull me under the crazy waves, into a place of serenity. She entrances me with the peace in her eyes.

Her voice is melodic sound that I can not wait to hear again. It is the music that soothes the beast within my own heart.

I want to be with her as much as possible. I have never found someone who brings such peace and joy. Her presence is merely intoxicating and everything about her is heavenly. I love to hear her laugh. I love to hear her speak. I love that I get to know her more with each and every time we meet. She is amazing in way that is impossible to convey in words. Every time I am with her, I find the person I want to be. No, I become the person I should be. Each and every day, I try to better for my little piece of Heaven.

There may not be a version of Heaven we can all agree on, but I think I have found my Heaven.

Word Count: 365


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