Drive 9/100

I push myself harder, knowing I can succeed. I know I can do this; the only thing that can stop me is myself. My drive to succeed is greater than my demons and myself. They can taunt me in my head, telling me, I am worthless and a loser. They will never diminish my drive to succeed. I will become the greatest. I will not let them be right. I will do what is necessary and right to become the person I want to be.

I drive myself to practice everyday, working harder than the last. I can see my strengths grow and I see new problems arise each time. I find a solution to each and every problem. The solutions and problems become tougher every time, but I know that I have what it takes to solve them. With every passing day, I see more of the person, the person I should become. My drive pushes me towards that person, never relenting.

I drive myself to learn more each and every day. I will take this knowledge and use it to my benefit as well as the benefit of others. Knowledge is the greatest power human can possess. I drive myself to find more and more sources I can learn from. I scour the books in bookstores and libraries. I surf the web, seeing the others in my field. I talk to those who share the same goal as myself and together, we help to drive each other. My goal is to learn more from the resources around me.

I drive myself to keep going even when the battle seems hopeless. Situations always get worse before they get better. It is the times of adversity which truly shows the person we are in that moment.  I will persevere in order to withstand the dark times. I will not allow myself to give up in times of challenge. After all the challenge and the adversity is what fuels my drive. I will show myself to be the person who I hope to be.

Nothing can stop me. As I long as have the drive within me to go after what I want, I shall succeed.


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