Breathe Again 10/100

I shiver in excitement as I stare up at the brick building before me. A huge smile appears on my face in a flash and I have to hold in the inhuman noise I want to make. The figures from the roof glance down at me. They seem to welcome me as a scholar and a fellow human being. The windows shine brightly, a beacon to those with a love of knowledge and those with open minds. I take another deep breath and curl my hands into a ball. After a few seconds, I release my hands and the stress of the excitement.

I take my steps toward the red brick building. The excitement builds as I get closer to the building with each and every step. I have to take a moment to calm myself once more as I stop before the door. After, I have composed myself-well, nearly-I open the door and step into the lobby. I took around the marble lobby and I can feel the joy increase in my stomach. However, my journey is not yet complete. I still have many steps to take and many quests to defeat in this pure wonderland of nine stories.

My feet carry me towards the stairs and up towards the third level. There is nothing on the first level that interests me and the second level belongs to the children. The third level is where the magic begins for me. After power walking up to the third level, I step into a magical wonderland. I shiver this time with happiness and I squeal a little at the journeys ahead of me. I nearly begin to wave my arms in excitement. Then, I remember I have to act like a normal human being in public. Or, well, as normal as I can act.

I look around to see a few people looking at me in confusion and I see the woman behind the desk giving me the look of death. I sheepishly smile at her and head towards the computers. They possess the information I require and desire. It does not take me long to find the numbers of the objects I am looking for and I record them on a tiny piece of paper with a rather dull tiny pencil. This wonderland has a very organized information system and it is not long before I am off to find the objects I require.

I see the open doors that will serve as my mode of transportation begins to close. I can not let them leave without me! I race to the elevators painted in gold, and I manage to slip in before their doors of doom entrap me in their snare. The few old ladies in the elevators give me nasty looks and mutter something about how wild my generation is. I could care less; I am actually too happy to give a damn. I try to behave my best in the elevators with the three old ladies. Unfortunately, I can’t stop shaking with happiness and adrenaline pulses through my body.

The elevators open their golden jaws of death on the seventh floor, and I race out of the elevator. Relief washes over me as I leave it’s confined space and weird, operating noises. I look at the numbers on the slip of paper in my hand and a determined look settles on my face. To a stranger, it might look like I am thinking a little too hard and my brain might just explode with smoke flowing out of my ears. My feet carry me down the rows and my eyes scan the guides on the wooden shelves, looking for the ones with the objects I need.

Alas! Sweet Victory! I smile as my eyes catch sight of the needed numbers and my journey nears completion. I turn down into the row and my eyes begin to search their codes and titles. Goosebumps appear on my arms as I near the required object. It does not take long for my eyes to spot the beautiful object. My hands reach out for the book and I flip open to the first page. I take my seat on the floor of the library and settle in to read my beloved book. The tale invites me and ensnares me in an imaginary world, which I can only reach in this particular book. The weight on my chest diminishes and the problems of my life flee as I slay them by delving deeper into the novel. I can finally breathe again as I begin to read.

Word Count: 764


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