No Time 24/100

There were two cities.

Oh, splendid crown jewels!

They stood above the rest,

Shining metallic towers of the future.

The people came by the millions,

Seeking out a better life

Free from cruel reality.


However, the two cities had a little problem,

A little problem that threatened to rip their world apart.

They took too much from the planet and the people

And gave too little to replenish the sources.

The planet began to wilt like a dead flower

And the unfortunate starved to their deaths in the pursuit of happiness.

The two cities had to fight to survive their foolish mistakes.

The two cities had to beat the clock.


The first city welcomed the challenge with

An open mind and a hopeful heart.

They nursed Mother Nature back to health

And treated her children with kindness.

They began to give back more than they took

And found new ways to achieve energy.

The people enlightened themselves with the flame of knowledge

And the government became a reachable object.

All groups flourished like a flower after a forest fire.

Equality reigned supreme and hope was eternal.

The clock ticked as they raced against it

And they out ran time.


The Second city hardened their hearts with stone

And scoffed at the city of hope, calling them foolish.

They continued to do what they always thought was right.

Mother nature roared with great fury, destroying what she could.

Her children disappeared like a figure out of the corner of the eye.

Anarchy reigned and the people revolted.

They slaughtered each other without a second thought.

Their government oppressed them with fear and paranoia.

The city burned to the ground in the fires of ignorance.

Ruins remained to warn others of their mistakes in a grisly manner.

The clock ticked as they continued in apathy

And the clock drove them into the past.


Will you beat the clock?

Or will the clock beat you?


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