Night 32/100

I gaze up at the sky

And I see the most amazing sight.

Stars glitter like lighthouses,

Beckoning to be reached out to.

The moon radiates her beauty,

A fraction of what’s only out there.

The night sky swirls around the star and the moon,

Leaving an air of mystery.

It makes me want to reach out among the stars

And savor all the sights that await.

The molecules that make up every inch of my body

Urge me to journey into their place of origin.

Something beautiful and pure

Radiates from the universe.

The universe is my frontier

And I intend to explore every inch that awaits.

But, instead, I am stuck here on a planet

Where the simpletons run the show and

The corrupt feast on the endless rewards.

I have to watch religions slaughter each other

In the name of a god that never existed.

I have to watch Mother Earth decay around me

As we drain the life force from her natural beauty

And kill her children in the name of fashion and sport.

I have to watch people deny each other basic rights

Because their religion or culture does not agree with it.

I have to watch people fight a losing war

Where we wear the most blood on our hands.

I have to watch people in the droves

Act like slaves in order to make a dime.

Here I am, stuck on a planet of misery and hate

When a universe of wonder and awe

Awaits someone to come and find

What really is out there.


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