Dying 43/100

Author’s Note: Hello, everyone! Sorry, I could not get this up earlier. Some stuff came up and I could only post now. I will try to post a second theme in order to make it up. I am also returning to the character of Jess/Animus. I really enjoy writing for her. I would suggest reading Gray 19/100. It has taken me a while to revisit her.

I was dying on the inside. My life was going to end because of the person I chose to be. I knew what I was signing up for the day I put on the gray mask and assumed the identity of Animus. I never wanted any of this; I took careful steps to try to avoid this. It was never going to be an easy life; I had given up so much and now, I had to give up the last thing I had: my life. I suppose that’s why they say the right thing and the hard thing are the same.

I took my first step into the lion’s den. Mors, my arch nemesis, had called me here. He knew that I would come. He knew I would go to the ends of the earth to protect the people I loved. He had finally cornered me and forced me to do the unthinkable. I wish I did not have to do this; all I ever wanted was a normal life. However, he had promised to turn himself in quietly if I did. I was more than willing to make that deal.

 I took a shaky breath as I walked farther into the den. I had an off feeling that increased as I walked down the hall. Where was Mors? What diabolical scheme did he have in store for me? He was an incredibly smart man. We were both equally matched in terms of mental and physical power. However, he did have a slight advantage over me. I remembered the first time I met the crazy villain.

I had received a call on my communicator from the Police. Some maniac was shouting for me and testing new diseases on people. He was doing it with a single touch. He would touch someone and they would collapse to the ground. The police had not been able to get to any of the victims yet, but it had been clear what he had been doing to his victims.


As I soared through the skies using my powers, I glanced down to see the police surrounding a figure in all black. The police had walled off all exits and there were several people on the ground scattered around him. Narrowing my eyes, I allowed myself to descend to the ground a few feet from the individual. “You could get my number. I am much easier to reach.” I said, slightly pissed off and slightly sarcastic.


I took the time to give him a good look over. It was clear that he was a man, several inches taller than I was. However, he seemed scrawny and I figured that if we got into a fistfight, I would win. He was dressed in all black with a mask representing a skull on his face. It left the lower half of his face exposed. His eyes were a rather bright green and he had spiky jet-black hair.


The man smiled widely and clapped his hands in happiness. “Oh, I knew you would just show up!” He said in excitement. I sighed darkly; the peppy villains were the most annoying. They were also the more deadly ones. I did not have time for this guy. My patients at the hospital needed me more.


“What do you want?” I growled at him. He frowned at my response. I do not think he understood obvious displeasure. He moved closer towards me, standing only a few inches away.


“Are you not happy to see me? I am so excited to see you Animus. I think the two of us are going to have a lot of fun,’ He said, beginning to circle me, “Well, since you seem to have more pressing matters than me. I will make this short. You are going to become mine. We can be a fantastic team and you are too good for these people. You can do so much more with me. I will give you some time to think. After all it is a big decision.” He began to walk away from me.


“I don’t need time to think. The answer is no. Besides, who are you? You seem to know me pretty well.” I snarled.

He turned to face me with a wicked grin, “Mors.”


Mors, the Latin word for death.



I could see a light at the end of the hallway. My ice blue eyes focused, trying to see if I could catch a sight of what lay inside the light. My pace picked up as I noticed myself getting closer. My stomach flip-flopped back and forth in an anxious manner. I was scared of what Mors had in store for me. After all, he had rightly earned the name as Death. He had killed so many others and left me alive each time. That would not be the case now. I had become too much of a threat.

I stepped into the light and found myself in an arena, highly reminiscent of the Roman Gladiatorial arenas. It would make sense that he would have something like this. He was always one for the theatrical nature and had a slight obsession with Roman culture. I continued to move towards the exit at the other end of the Arena, ready to face Mors. Once I reached the center of the Arena, all four exits slammed close and I heard his cold, chilling, jovial voice.

“Animus, how happy I am to see you have shown up!”

I turned around to face him with a fierce look on my face. “Let’s get this over with.” I growled.

He smirked at me, “Oh you were always one to get to the heart of the issue, never liked to play the little games.” Mors raised his hand and I felt an explosion of pain in my muscles and organs. I bit back the scream that fought to come out and let out a whimper. I collapsed onto my knees, feeling tears stream down my cheeks. I could not fight back. I was incapacitated by the pain; it kept me from concentrating.

After a few seconds, the pain stopped and I gasped for air. I managed to glare up at him weakly, afraid to get up on my feet again. “Oh Animus, you knew this had to happen. We could have been so happy. You and I could have been the perfect team; we could have ruled the world.” He said, kneeling beside me and placing his hand on my cheek.

“You said no.” He raged; his face turning dark. A fire in my organs and muscles erupted causing me to scream. Tears streamed down my face faster and I collapsed on to the ground. The pain stopped after a while and I fought to calm myself. I would not let him humiliate me any further. Unfortunately, I had no choice.

I do not know how long it went on, but Mors continued to torture me for hours on end. I could feel myself convulsing in pain. I could feel my mind slipping further away from me each moment. The pain was blocking my ability to use my mind. It was useless to try to focus; I had already resigned myself to this fate. Mors was going to win. Death was going to conquer Will.

“Well, Animus, as much as I enjoyed our time together, it is time to end this. Get up onto your knees.” He said, moving back from me. I pushed myself up onto my knees. He took my mask off and threw it away from me. I could see a flash of recognition in his eyes. He somehow knew me. I could not place him. “Jess?” He asked, surprised. It took me off guard as well.

I nodded and the surprise stayed on his face for a few moments. However, he returned to his former self. “I am sorry, but I have to end you now. Say goodbye.” He said, reaching out to touch my forehead.

I closed my eyes, waiting for the end to come.

Word Count: 1,345


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