I Can’t 73/100

“I can’t.” I whisper to myself as I lay on my couch in the summer afternoon.

It is far too hot to be moving at all and every time I move, I can feel the buckets of sweat poured on me. I can’t find the will to move or at least, anytime soon. I really do want that gigantic tub of cookie dough ice cream in the freezer that is only a few feet away. I am too freaking lazy and too hot to get up at the moment.

“I can’t.” I whisper once again, still lying on the couch.

Word Count: 100


Mischief Managed 72/100

Tears fell down as his cheeks at the sight of his other half, his best friend, and his twin brother. He had never felt so alone in his entire life. Every part of him went numb and his body began to shake in violent trembles. His vision began to blur with tears. He collapsed next to his brother, wishing he could take his place. Sobs racked his body and he sounded barely human. He felt barely human. He would wish away everything if it meant getting his brother back. He would give anything to hear his brother say,

“Mischief Managed.”

Word Count: 100

Obsession 71/100

He would find this cure; he would make sure of it.

He could hear the moaning of his wife on the table and clamped his hands over his ears. He could not remember how long she had been in this state. The virus had destroyed her piece by piece. She no longer seemed to be his wife; she seemed to be one of them. He glanced over into the undead eyes of his former wife and nearly broke down.

This cure was his obsession, consuming him.

He would find this cure if it was the last thing he ever did.

Word Count: 100

67% 70/100


The bright red numbers stare back at me and I frown. They seem so ugly and blaring on the paper. I wish they would disappear and a higher number would replace them. I sigh out of disappointment and failure. It says ‘You almost passed, but you didn’t!’ I know I need to work harder, but in the moment I am not quite feeling kind to myself. I can’t help, but feel as if I have let the world down and all shall come crashing down around me. My faith in myself dwindles a little more at the bright red.

Word count: 100

Annoyance 69/100

The annoyance grows quickly and I feel the urge to throttle someone, anyone. I can hear the same, stupid lyrics repeating in my head on a continuous loop. The beat pounds in my head, starting to give me a major headache. I grind my teeth, wishing I could do something about it. I am beginning to become a bag full of crazy and I could practically climb the walls. At this point, I would rather spend the rest of my life in silence if this song would just go away. Why won’t he stop? Why won’t he leave me be?

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket
I’m huntin’, looking for a come-up
This is fucking awesome 

Word Count: 100

Author’s Note: The lyrics belong to Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Hero 68/100

The Villain wondered what she did to receive the enthusiastic hug from the young girl who was attached to her hip. All she had done was pull the child out of the way of the stampede; she had no quarrel with the child. She still could not understand why the child would be hugging her for this. Didn’t she know who the Villain was? She was the one who struck fear into the hearts by the mere mention of her name. The Villain was interrupted by the voice of the girl and looked down.

“Thank you for being my hero!”

Word Count: 100

Playing the Melody 67/100

Playing the melody has always been a comfort to her. The music frees her from the narrow confines of reality, allowing her to escape into the melody. She is the melody and the melody is she. She allows herself to be consumed by the melody and in return, she continues to create the melody on ebony and ivory keys. There is no stopping her now; she is too far gone to give up on the melody. It begs her to continue; it begs her to continue its short life. She continues because playing the melody has always been sweet relief.

Word Count: 100