Keeping a Secret 53/100

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead-Benjamin Franklin

None of us ever meant for any of this to happen. It all happened so fast; it flashed before my eyes. I never planned to tell. We never wanted to hurt anyone. We never planned for this to happen.

It was the summer after our junior year of high school. Everyone was over at Patrick’s, partying away. There was a ton of beer and I was drinking with my two best friend’s Mary, and Eve. Well, Eve and I were on our way to getting sloshed, but Mary was not allowed alcohol. She was being a responsible designated driver. I let out another laugh as Mary told another dumb joke.

Everything was fine until she crossed our path: Elizabeth Summers. Let me explain, Eve and I really had nothing against Elizabeth. We both liked her and she helped us with homework. I was eternally grateful to her; I would not have passed Chemistry if she had not tutored me. She was weird person and sometimes, I thought I should be scared of her, but I never was. It wasn’t like she would do anything. It was Mary who really had the problem with Elizabeth. No one ever really knew why; Mary never told anyone, even those closest. She did everything in her power to make Elizabeth’s life hell. I normally stood up for her, knowing my best friend was in the wrong. She always told me I would never understand when I asked. I guess some wounds run too deep.

“Hey Elizabeth!” Mary said cheerily, wrapping an arm around Elizabeth’s neck and pulling her close. Eve and I let out a drunken laugh at the unusual display of affection. Elizabeth looked extremely uncomfortable, but did not pull away from Mary. She was probably scared that Mary might snap her neck in half.

“Hey Mary, Sarah, Eve.” Elizabeth, sounding slightly worried. Eve and I waved at Elizabeth, still laughing our drunken asses off. I don’t even remember what the hell we found so funny. The alcohol had really been getting to us quickly.

“Hey, Elizabeth and I need to talk privately! We’ll be back in a little bit.” Mary said, pulling Elizabeth away. I thought it was odd, but I let them go. I should have went with them. I was scared Mary was going to try something.

Two hours later, and Mary along with Elizabeth were nowhere to be seen. The party was beginning to dwindle down and I was sobering due to the fact I had stopped drinking awhile ago. “We should find Mary.” I said to Eve. She nodded, considering Mary would be our ride home. The two of us stumbled towards the woods where they were.

“MARY!” I called out.

“ELIZABETH!” Eve called out from beside me.

Neither of us were prepared for what came next. Eve and I stepped into a clearing lighted by the moonlight. A figure had her back to us and I was about to speak when I saw what was in the Figure’s hand. I put my hand over my mouth, unsuccessfully trying to stop the scream. There was a knife in her hand, dripping blood. The scene in front of the stranger was even more terrifying. I dimly heard Eve throw up beside me.

Mary was on the ground, covered in blood. Her mouth was wide open and fear was permanently etched into her face. Dried tears ran from her doe-like eyes. Her chest was carved opened and her insides lay partially on the outside. I swear I could see her intestines lying next to her. In the Stranger’s other hand, she had a mass in her hand.

Elizabeth turned around to face the two of us and coldly commanded “Shut up.” It was a side of Elizabeth I had only seen a few times, reserved when she was extremely hurt or angry. I was scared to find out which one it was. Eve and I stood straight up, standing close to one another. We were both sniveling messes. I nearly threw up when I noticed Elizabeth had Mary’s heart in her hand. Oh God. We had to tell someone about this.

Glaring at me, Elizabeth said “We are not telling anyone about this. We are going to keep this a secret. If anyone tells, they die. Understood?” She brandished the knife, intimidating fear into our hearts. Eve and I nodded, determined to not tell anyone.

To this day, Mary’s murder remains unsolved. Elizabeth was a suspect at the time, but Eve and I stayed quiet. We didn’t want to end up like Mary. Our guilt continued to eat us as we stayed quiet over the years.

-Ten years later-

Friends would be a loose term for what Elizabeth, Eve, and I were now. It would be safer to say that Eve and I lived in fear of Elizabeth while she checked up on us every so often. I had managed to start my own advertising firm in Manhattan while Eve was in L.A, with her own fashion line. Elizabeth lived in Chicago while working as a journalist. Eve and I still hadn’t told everyone, but we were both reaching our breaking points.

I took another sip of my chai as my phone began to ring. I picked it up to see Eve was calling. Why would she be calling me? We never talked anymore. Things were too tense and we reminded of each other things we wished not to remember. “Hello.” I said, feeling anxious.

“Sarah’ Eve sobbed into the phone, ‘I can’t do this anymore! I just can’t!”

“Eve! Slow down! What is going on?” I asked, trying to calm her.

“I can’t do this anymore! I can’t keep this secret! It is driving me insane! I can see Mary in my dreams and Elizabeth tortures her over and over. She begs me to save her. Sarah. I. Can’t. Do. This. I have to tell them. I am so sorry!” She said, hanging up, before I could say anything. Shit.

-A Few Days later-

I hadn’t contacted Eve again. I was too scared to contact her. My phone rang once more and I picked it up. “If you tell, you are next. Let her death serve as a warning.” The voice growled, before hanging up. I dropped my phone as a familiar face popped onto the screen.

“Eve Jones was found dead in her apartment early in the morning. She appears to have been murdered. The police have refused to release any information, but we are to understand that her death was extremely gruesome.”

I blacked out by that point.

I took another sip of the vodka as I sat in the corner, huddled up with mascara tears. There was no way she was going to let me live. It was only a matter of time. After all, I had decided I was going to tell the Police. I had written a letter and left it for them. I was too much of a coward to tell them in person. If there was a higher power out there, maybe it would have mercy on my soul even though I do not deserve it all. I let out a sob as I took another sip. I flinched at the knocking on my door.

“Sarah, open the door!” a voice said sugar sweet.

“No.” I sobbed, too scared to move.

“I said, open the door.” The voice turned cold as the door flew open. I stared into the familiar eyes of Elizabeth.

“I know what you did, Sarah, and that was very naughty. Now, you have to pay the consequences.”

Word Count: 1,284


2 thoughts on “Keeping a Secret 53/100

  1. I nominated you for The Versatile Award as you know my friend, I adore you, you’re writing & am so happy we’re friends. I hope you enjoy this award as much as I do. Thank you for being such a blessing 😀 xo

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