Magic 62/100

‘There is a certain magic to the words on the page’ she muses. They flow and melt together into a myriad of sentences and paragraphs. Each word takes on a new meaning as they are brought to life with the breath of imagination. They live a million different lives in the span of a single sentence. They take on human like roles, guiding imagination through each part of the story. Words are the small pieces of the puzzle fit together in a blend of soothing colors. Words have always held a beautiful sort of magic due to the black ink.

Word Count: 100


8 thoughts on “Magic 62/100

      1. 😀 I can’t believe I’m only two weeks away from being done the challenge! Ha-ha! Almost been 100 days since I started. It seems kinda crazy xD

  1. Reblogged this on Dívíne Rush and commented:
    Check out my amazing friend Kate at her blog, Infinite Awe, it truly is a spectacular blog & she’s such a lovely person. Her ability to write, is just flawless. I always enjoy her posts.

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