The Drums

(Hey Guys, I won’t be able to update much this weekend due to family coming into town, but I did find some time to post some Doctor Who poetry! Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!)

Can you hear them, Doctor?

Can you hear the drums around us?

They pound along in my head

like the march of  war to 4/4 time,

They call me back to the heart of the universe,

Back to where the madness began.

Their beat returns to me to my true nature

As Master of the universe,

We stand as the last two of an ancient race

who burned like a thousand suns

and had time within their grasp.

Help me, Doctor,

I can’t take the sound of drums.

Help me, Doctor,

The rhythm is tearing me apart,

Turning me into a rabid dog.


I can’t stop them.

The drums just keep beating

And beating

And beating.

Make them stop.

Make them go away.

Take them away.

Pleas do something!





The Drums continue to call me

Somewhere beyond the edge of time

They call me back to

The ones who controlled time,

The ones who used to reign victorious.


Normally, this blog is for creative writing and some inner musings. After hearing Melissa Harris-Perry speak this wonderful words to the young woman who went through something so terrible, I was compelled to share this. I think she says a lot of excellent things and I think this is the way the Steubenville Rapes should have been covered. My heart breaks for the young woman who went through this and I hope that after everything, all her dreams come true. =)

The Ocean

The ocean speaks in words we could never understand,

Through the rhythmic crashing of waves

And the melodic sounds of her native inhabitants.

Her ancient language is something we lost too long ago,

when we choose to be monsters instead of men.

Her waves that batter the shore in raging fury

Signal her displeasure at our careless attitude toward her people.

Her gentle waves that caress the shore soothingly

Singing a lullaby to her people telling them everything will be okay.

One day, they will be safe from the big bad humans.

Relaxation 100/100

I quietly sigh in pleasure as I settle on the couch, crank up the indie rock, and open my book. I don’t get much time for relaxation. It is finally nice to have some time to decompress and just lose myself in the words on the page. I want to forget the worries of my own life and worry about the lives of fictional characters. I want to feel something so pure that you rarely capture it in reality: imagination. There is something untameable and unconfined about the imagination. It comes from the deepest parts within you and nowhere else.

Word count: 100

Solitude 99/100

At first, the solitude seemed like a comforting, old friend. She wrapped me up in her loving arms, protecting me from hurled insults and constant let downs. Along the tumultuous way, something was lost and the solitude began to change. She began to drown me underneath the waves of echoing silence and the loneliness was a soul crushing reminder of what I had lost when I gained the solitude. I wanted to hear something or experience something just to feel alive again. Every time I fought to free myself, the undertow of the solitude just pulled me down under deeper.

Word Count: 100

Puzzle 98/100

She was like a puzzle to him, challenging him at every twist and turn. She spread her pieces all over like a Jigsaw puzzle, challenging him to put her back together. She was a Rubik cube, mixing up her colors and daring him to match the colors. She was a game of Tetris, taunting him to fit the shapes together. She was a game of chess, fighting with the queen and provoking him into making a move. She was a crossword, testing him with abstract riddles. She was a puzzle to him and he was determined to solve her mystery.

Word Count: 100

Safety First 97/100

“Safety first!” I said to my younger brother as I placed the helmet on his head. He glared at me and let out a sigh.

“Why do I have to wear a helmet?” He asked, jutting out his bottom lip in a pout.

I placed my hands on my hips and replied, “You have to! You can’t ride a bike without a helmet! It’s against the rules.”

He let out another sigh and replied, “Alright.”

I gave him a small smile. “How about we ride our bikes down to the ice cream shop?”

“Last one there is a rotten egg!”

Word Count: 100