Advertisement 95/100

The advertisements makes her neck too long. She smirks to herself and thinks she looks like a giraffe. The advertisements make her body too thin. She scoffs and thinks she looks like a breakable twig. The advertisements make her skin flawless. She rolls her eyes and wonders how they get away with it.

“Why can’t I look like her?” She hears from beside her, looking at the little girl. It breaks her heart to hear those words from someone so young. How could anyone want to be that creature? She wonders how the creators of the advertisements sleep at night.

Word Count: 100


2 thoughts on “Advertisement 95/100

    1. True. I do wonder the same things with gossip writers, especially when they get really nasty about someone. I find myself struggling with this question as someone studying advertising; there is such an intense manipulation within the field.

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