Puzzle 98/100

She was like a puzzle to him, challenging him at every twist and turn. She spread her pieces all over like a Jigsaw puzzle, challenging him to put her back together. She was a Rubik cube, mixing up her colors and daring him to match the colors. She was a game of Tetris, taunting him to fit the shapes together. She was a game of chess, fighting with the queen and provoking him into making a move. She was a crossword, testing him with abstract riddles. She was a puzzle to him and he was determined to solve her mystery.

Word Count: 100


4 thoughts on “Puzzle 98/100

    1. Thank you! Creativity is a fickle creature and I think structure can be under utilized as a tool for creativity. It just takes the right structure. Thank you once again for checking out my blog!

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