The Macabre Dance

I have no clue where I am as
I lay against the tree like a wall flower.
I hear the band strike up the music
And see a man to approach me to dance.
My partner picks up of his weapon of choice
And asks me to dance through the utterance of ‘run’

My legs pick me up and the dance begins.
The tempo begins fast paced.
My partner chases after me, laughing merrily.
Our dance weaves us through the decaying trees.
My partner and I move in similar steps,
Repeating the same steps like a waltz.

He threatens to swing at me,
Matching the slowing pace.
I duck at every swing,
Each duck less responsive.
The melody jerks to a stop
As my partner stumble in the dance.

This is my chance, this is my cue.
I have the chance to escape this dance
I reach the clearing of the forest
And realize that even though the dance
Between my partner and I, ended.
The dance to escape has only just begun.

Before, I have the chance to catch my breath,
The band picks up suddenly again.
I move to face my partner with spin
To start the final part of the Macabre Dance.
He raises the axe in time with the music
And brings it down as the band ends dramatically.


2 thoughts on “The Macabre Dance

  1. brilliant analogy, this one keeps your reading, sometimes rushing for the next line hoping for the escape then slowing for the certainty of the last line, Perfect Penning Miss Awe

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