Thinking With Portals

Welcome to Test Chamber Four.

Her mechanical voice states in my ear.

The portal gun weighs heavy in my hands

And my little world seems to stop for a moment.


I think in orange and blue.

I think of where I want to go.

I think of how to get there.

I think where I need to aim.

I think of how not to kill myself.

I think of my own survival.

I think of my desire for freedom.

I think about how much I want her gone

And how much I hate this game we play.


I don’t think like a human.

I don’t think like me.

I think in portals. 


9 thoughts on “Thinking With Portals

      1. Well if it is your first time playing, I hope you are prepared for the addiction to kick in lol

      2. Well then I hope you don’t have work tomorrow because this might be a late night for you lol.

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