The House |Prologue|

“Thank you for doing this, Alex. I really couldn’t have done this without you.” Anna said, with a small smile towards her good friend as she placed the box on the kitchen counter.


Alex stood up from one of the cardboard boxes on the floor near the kitchen counter and turned towards her friend with a small yet tense smirk. “No problem. I could not let you move into the creepiest place on Earth with a little help, Anna.”


Anna rolled her eyes at her friend and said, “Are you sure you don’t want to move in with me? Besides, this house is bigger than the cubicle you call an apartment.” Alex rolled her eyes at Anna. She could think of nothing worse than living in the eerie house.


“Hey! My apartment might be small, but at least, it doesn’t make me feel like I am on the set of a horror movie. That is almost as good as your idea for us to write a book together.” Alex replied in a sarcastic manner, leaning her elbows on the counter.


“We would write a fantastic book together. You need to stop doubting yourself Alex. You are better than you think you are. Anyway, this house just has a bad reputation because of one of the former owners. Nothing bad is going to happen here. You can’t believe in the supernatural. If it makes you feel better, I have salt in the Kitchen and an iron poker in the living room.” Anna said with a slight mischievous smile.


Alex rolled her eyes once more at her friend. She did not think that it was just all the previous owners of the house going missing was the only thing that gave the house a bad reputation. All the neighbors seemed tightlipped about the house which was not helping Anna’s case. They all seemed to think the house was haunted or there was something wrong with it. Alex could not say that she did not particularly disagree with it.


If Alex would have been totally honest with Anna, she would have told her everything she thought about the house. She would have told Anna about her stomach dropping every time she saw the old house. She would have told her about the drop in temperature she had every time she stepped into the house. She would have told Anna about the feeling of despair she got from within the house. She would have told her about the chills that ran up her spine every few seconds as if something was passing by her. She would have told Anna it was not her paranoia acting up. She would have told her about the feeling that Anna would not necessarily be the only one in the house. She would have told Anna about the dark figure she saw in the corner of her vision in the hallway mirror.


Instead of telling her all these things, Alex replied “Whatever.”


-Present Day-

            Alex hummed to Mumford and Sons playing on her Ipod. She grabbed the knife from the counter and began to cut the carrot for the soup into tiny pieces. The night was turning out to be a good one and Alex felt she was in one of her better moods. Anna was going to come over for some dinner and they were going to talk about what Anna was not telling Alex. She felt terrible for pressuring her friend, but she could not help the sinking feeling she got every time her friend mentioned the house.


Her phone began to vibrate from behind her and Alex placed down the knife. She paused her Ipod and grabbed her phone. She smiled at the sight of Anna’s photo and picked up. “Hey Anna, How is it going? I think I might be actually making edible food this time.” Alex said with a slight chuckle.


“Alex, I don’t have much time! You need to help me!” Anna replied urgently. Alex gripped her phone tighter, feeling a dark atmosphere taking over. She furrowed her brows and took a sharp breath.


“He’s coming for me, Alex. You have to help me! You are the only one who can do this! I can’t trust anyone else!” Anna cried into the phone.


“Anna, it will be okay! I will call the police! They can take care of this better than I could!” Alex replied ready to hang up the phone and call the police.


“No! Alex, you can’t! They won’t be able to do anything! You are the only one who can do anything! I know you can do it! NNNOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the phone clicked off and Alex shook like a leaf, unsure of what to do in the next few seconds. Her friend had been taken by something, but what? She was relying on Alex for help and Alex knew what to do. Alex was going to save her friend like Anna had always saved her.


Author’s Note: Let me know what you think! I know things are not making sense right now, but as the chapters go on, things will make sense! Remember to read the character profiles to get a sense of the characters. Also, I don’t know how long this is going to be so it might be a bit of an adventure.


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