Coffee Shop Romance

Another rainy day at the perfect little coffee shop

Decorated in knick-knacks and odd paintings

She sits, staring at the tea in front of her

Feeling hopelessly lost and unloved by another


She wonders if she would ever find some love

Maybe they would meet in a little shop like this

Their eyes would glance and catch one another

She would smile shyly and he would come over

They would talk and she would get his number


They would go on some dates, but they would come

Back to this little shop, the first place they meet

Maybe those few dates would turn into something more

And that something more would turn into a life together

And that life together would bring them much joy

Children, a house, pets, together forever till the end


She sighs to herself once more, staring into her tea

Why does she create these empty coffee shop romances

Things that are never destined to happen to a girl like her

She glances up and a handsome young man catches her eye


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