Android Daydream

Androids daydream of electric skies
Painted blue in rubber coated wires and
Clouds made of evolving information

Androids daydream of existence
Trying to understand their creator
And their difference from her

Androids daydream of humanity
Envious of feeling something more
But appalled by their destruction

Androids daydream of feelings
Wondering if they could ever feel
Or if it is just another part of the design

Androids daydream of becoming human
Having real skin and real emotions instead
Of being ostracized for their mechanical heart


3 thoughts on “Android Daydream

  1. if the androids ever get to be human they will want to swap back pronto ha ha, loved this, i have to check my feed, you have not been showing up, i was about to send a serch party ! keep penning -*- Forty

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