Helping Hand

 “Do you need some help?”

The voice of the young man shocked the elderly woman as she looked up at him. He towered over her in large boots with a Mohawk and various spikes over his clothing. He frightened the elderly woman a little, but from years of experience, she knew that the misjudged could be the kindest.

The old woman had been stunned, but smiled at the younger man and replied kindly, “Yes, I do. Thank you for your help.”

She had not expected the shocking, young man to help, but sometimes a helping hand comes from the unlikely.

Daily Post Challenge:


Memories for Sale

It’s funny what you find on a journey; it’s never quite what you expect..

She picked up the raggedy, old teddy bear, smiling at the memories in hand. She remembered the companionship she found in the teddy bear, dragging it along on her misadventures. She remembered the times she was scared of the dark and the teddy bear defended her, keeping the nightmares at bay. She remembered how she promised the teddy bear they would be together forever, best friends. She remembered the hole in her heart when she had lost her teddy bear.

Now, old friends were back together.


Unconventional Love

She took a sip of her tea as she stared out into the sunrise. She could hear her best friend let out a pleasant sigh and take a sip of his tea. The woman could feel her smile grow as she reflected on their unconventional friendship.

The two were full of faults and mistakes, leaving massive destruction in their wake. Neither of them were particularly good people, yet they had managed to find a friendship between them.

It certainly was unconventional, but neither of them minded. They were happy to have someone who would not judge them for their mistakes.

Daily Post Prompt:

The Madam In Black

The Madam In Black will come for them as
The powerful lower the coffin into the ground
Mourning their own empty, individual morality.

The Madam In Black will come for them
As the morning fog rolls over the hills,
As they continue down destructive paths.

The Madam in Black will come for them.
And the undertaker will have their coffins waiting,
Ready to place them in the ground with all the others.

The Madam in Black will come for them
Like a thief in the night, showing them
Every atrocity committed by their hand.

The Madam in Black will come for them,
Reminding them just how immoral they are.

(I posted the other form of this poem awhile ago called The Black Madam. I though I would post the other one since I really liked it!)


She is a ghost in their eyes,
Barely noticed, barely there.
They’ve long forgotten her
With no idea where she is.

She cries in the silent hours
Of the night, wishing someone
Would find her, take pity on her
Free her from this hellish nightmare.

Her body is still hidden in the wall,
Too distant for her to return to
Stuck in a land between the living
And the dead with resolution.

She wonders why she was
Doomed with a fate like this.
Did she do something wrong
Or was she just taken advantage of?

She tries to talk to the living
Who ignore every sign she
Sends, getting angrier and
Angrier until they leave.

The lonely ghost knows they
Will forget her memory soon
And she wonders why she is
Barely noticed, barely there.


The stars shone bright in her eyes as she stared at the night sky. They looked so small in the distance as the universe looked so vast. So many people would feel small and uncomfortable in their presence, yet she had never felt so large or comfortable about anything.

She thought about the flight she would take tomorrow, finally making her dreams come true. She would be amongst the stars and the universe. She could remember how many dismissed her dreams and told her that she would not be one of the lucky few.

She had never felt so alive.

The Glass

He always thought it was funny that people compared life to a glass, whether it was half empty or half full. He would always snort at the thought of trying to figure out if someone’s glass was half empty or half full. Who cares?

He supposed that he was the glass half empty guy with his cynicism and pessimism. She was the glass half full with her optimism and trust. He never thought he would fall for girl like her on the other side of the spectrum.

Perhaps, she was all that was needed to make his glass half full.

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