Helping Hand

 “Do you need some help?”

The voice of the young man shocked the elderly woman as she looked up at him. He towered over her in large boots with a Mohawk and various spikes over his clothing. He frightened the elderly woman a little, but from years of experience, she knew that the misjudged could be the kindest.

The old woman had been stunned, but smiled at the younger man and replied kindly, “Yes, I do. Thank you for your help.”

She had not expected the shocking, young man to help, but sometimes a helping hand comes from the unlikely.

Daily Post Challenge:


One thought on “Helping Hand

  1. Great post and a good word … do not judge others by thier looks.
    I remember when my boys decided to get into the “punk rock” scene and had mohawks and chains and gangs of kids dressed like them would hang out at my house because other parents didn’t like it. These “gangs” sat around the dining room table playing board games and laughing and having fun. I learned not to judge a person by thier actions and thier heart.

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