Day 2-30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 2-Tell about a character who lost something important to him/her.

The mysterious woman freezes as her hand reaches for the silver oval locket around her neck to only find that it is no longer there. How could she have lost that necklace? It meant so much to her, like a good luck charm reminding her of everything she worked for. Every mission she had been on, even those that meant bringing her to the edge of death and back, the locket had always been there. Hell, she considered it her good luck charm, the only thing she had any emotional connection to and now it was gone.

How could she have lost in this crowd? She was amongst the rich and powerful, who had no reason to steal. After all, they could assuredly find something much more beautiful than hers. The woman could see this ending poorly now. A vision of failing this mission flashed across her eyes, failure had never been option for her. She was not one to live with the shame of it and a tarnished reputation. She had given everything to get where she was and she wanted to hold onto the few things she had left.

As she began to weave through the crowd, the mysterious woman lost the grace and power she carried herself with. If you strip away someone’s armor, you get to see their true selves in their most vulnerable state. The mysterious woman was losing her armor fast with her most importance piece missing. The Sharks could smell that there was an intruder amongst them and they began to focus on the outsider. She fought to stay calm with vicious eyes upon her, tearing her apart with a single look.

A hand reached out to grab hers and pulled her out onto the dance floor. The woman almost reacted like a wild animal in a corner, something that had saved her life a few times in the past. “I am not going to hurt you.” The deeper voice explained, pulling her close to him and helping her to sway to the classical music with them. The woman was not so quick to trust the man. She could not know if he could keep his word. She would have given him a slight trust if she had the locket.

“I doubt it.” She said, quite coldly. At the time, the woman could barely show any courtesy to the man. She would have had her emotions under better control if she had not been thrown off guard. When she was at her best, she was a master manipulator able to wear a thousand different disguises. When she was at her worst, she was an angry force of nature, determined to destroy anything in her path.

“Now, now, is that anyway to be treating the man who has this?” He said, slipping a familiar piece of silver jewelry out of his pocket. Her green eyes locked on the locket and a cold feeling washed over her. There was no doubt he had nicked it, making him both a formidable opponent and ally in her eyes.

“How…Give it back!” She replied stunned for a moment, before regaining her composure. She reached for the locket and the man quickly tucked it out of reach before she could catch it. He tsked at her, like a schoolteacher does with a naughty child and the woman swore she could have decked him there.

“I have some advice to give you and then, you can have your necklace back.” He said with a smile, that reminded her of the cat who caught the canary. Listening didn’t sound like a hard task and she definitely wanted that necklace back. Besides, everyone knew she did not listen well to others. The mysterious woman always preferred to do things her own way, ignoring warnings from others unless they served a purpose.

“Fine. Get on with it.” She said, impatiently. The two continued to step to the music amongst the others. It seemed that the sharks had lost track of their intruder, waiting for her to resurface from the dancers.

The man let out a sigh with a shake of his head. He had been warned how stubborn she was, but he never quite thought she was this stubborn. He had hoped she would have been more reasonable, especially when she came to the conclusion that he had been able to lift it off her. Besides, he was risking his life to do this little favor. The man supposed that he could nothing to make her heed his advice. What a tragedy.

“Stay away from your target.” He said, choosing the most condensed form of his warning. The woman raised her eyebrow, silently asking if he was serious. There was nothing that could stop the hound when she was on a hunt. With the locket, or not, she would go after him with everything she had. Failure was never an option.

“Why not?” She asked, slightly annoyed. A nagging voice in her head told her she could trust him. After all, he must have been mighty desperate to steal her locket to get her full attention. No one ever really paid attention to the locket except her.

“He knows you are here and he knows who you are. He knows what you will do. You need to get out of here. Come back for him at a later time.” The man replied with an anxious edge, glancing around the room for watchful eyes. Her target could be watching him at the moment.

“No. I can still do this. I have other plans!” She said, feeling her world crumble around her a little more. The woman had the upper hand; she always did. There was no way the target could do this to her; none of them had been ever able to see her coming. This one had to have someone on the inside. The music came to a swelling climax, before stopping in a dramatic manner. The two pulled away from each other, staring at one another with wide eyes.

The man took her hand and placed the silver locket in it. “Please don’t do this. Try again another time.” He said, before disappearing into the crowd. The woman watched him leave, till he disappeared. She made her exit off the dance floor, grace and power returning to her step. The woman had much to think about before she could continue, if she continued with her hunt. However, she was just glad to have the last thing that anchored her to her past and the people that occupied it.


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