Day 7-30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 7 —What sets you apart from the crowd?

“What sets you apart from the crowd?” They asked the Old Space war Hero, craving the secrets she held. They wondered why she was the last one standing when all those fell around her on the battlefield. On the outside, there was nothing remarkable about the average looking Space Hero.

The Old Space Hero smirked, knowing they could never understand. They would never understand the impact of every choice and the weight of every burden she carried. Regrets haunted her like old friends, whispering in her ears at every second. She supposed the only remarkable thing was her perseverance, the will to carry on when the lights flare out.

“I suppose I just kept moving on when the others could not.” The Old Space Hero said, leaving them to think on her answer. They caught a glimpse of the wild spark in her eye, realizing what truly set her apart from the others.


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