Daily Post: SOS

The pirate captain managed to drop the bottle over the edge as the storm pulled their ship into its deadly clutches. How foolish she was to underestimate the storm; it was a beginner’s mistake. She roared commands at her crew as the water rocked their ship violently, threatening destruction at any moment. The Captain could hear them scream back with apparent fear. Good women had already been lost and many more would be. Waves splashed over the edges, soaking the already wet deck from the rain. The Captain knew there was a good chance her crew would be sent to their watery graves.

She could only hope her SOS would reach someone and they would find land soon, but that was false hope considering the boat wouldn’t last much longer. In a flash of lightening and waves, the Captain was flung backwards into the cold water. When she reached the surface, the Captain glimpsed the wreckage of her boat and her crew in the water. Watery tendrils, in the form of undertow, pulled the captain once more below. She struggled to pull herself above, trying to ignore the siren call of the silent waters. Her mind and lungs screamed SOS as the light faded from her sea water coffin.

Word Count: 209