20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 2

Phrase 2: My anger management class pisses me off

“Now, find the center within in yourself”. The woman said, leading our seminar. She was entirely too peppy for this situation.

“Find the center within yourself.” I mimicked nasally in my head. God, what a waste of time this was. If my parents were threatening to send me to one of those ‘We’ll basically try and scare the shit of you to make sure you go back on the straight and narrow’ camps, I wouldn’t be in this stupid fucking class.

Sure, I had a little anger management problem. Okay, maybe more than a little, but still it wasn’t worth threatening to send me to one of those places. I already hated this fucking place. They had the class set in the basement of a community center where the walls were painted an awful pink color and the chairs were designed to make sure that standing was better than sitting. It sucked the soul right out of you.

“Now, once you have found your center, take deep breaths and keep focusing on your center.” She said once again in that dumb voice. After mimicking her in my mind for a few seconds, I decided that the best course of action was to try and find my fucking center. I had to least pretend I was putting some effort into this.

I took a deep breath and tried to find that “center”. I ignored the swelling rage in my chest, the one that normally made me a monster. I was determined to prove that this “center” was a myth. After a few moments of concentrating and trying to take deep breaths, I felt that swelling rage disappear for a few seconds. It surprised me so badly that I nearly fell out of my chair with a yelp.

“Are you okay?” The Lady asked, concern apparent.

“Peachy Keen!” I said while my cheeks turned bright red. My near fall didn’t stop her from launching into the next activity which was about “Share time and why we were so angry”.

My anger management class pisses me off, but I think I may have found peace.


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