20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 5

Phrase 5: Do not disturb already disturbed.

It seemed this would be the fourth night in a row I would go without sleep. I couldn’t close my eyes without catching a glimpse of his face. It’s not like I could just keep my eyes open and ignore him as he was sitting at the edge of the bed, staring at me without blinking.

My Insomnia started a few nights due to a case that I had personally involved in. I had left myself become too close to the victim and let the killer manipulate me into playing his game. I had told Tyler that I would keep him safe; he was like a brother to me. All that did was manage to get Tyler and the Killer dead.

The first night hadn’t been too rough on me; I expected it to be a pretty sleepless night. I had to finish some paperwork and let the paramedics check me out. Everything seemed alright, but I was a little shaken up. I was always a little shaken up after rough cases. How could I expect it to turn out like this?

The second night was a little more concerning for me as I needed sleep to function at my job. However, I figured I could handle another night without sleep. It would take a lot more to knock me off my feet. I was a little shaky and every time I closed my eyes, I could see Tyler staring back at me with a blank face.

The third night was when I really became concerned about my inability to sleep. At work, I kept falling asleep at my desk for a few seconds. However, I would jolt awake due to the fact that I saw Tyler’s bloody face staring back at me accusingly. I thought Renee was going to have to rush me to the hospital with the way my vision kept blurring and my speech slurring.

Tonight, I know I won’t fall asleep, because of Tyler. Instead of seeing him every time I closed my eyes, I saw him in real life. I nearly flipped my lid on the tube this morning when I saw Tyler, wounds and all, siting in one of the seats on the tube. I practically ran off the train and continued to see him wherever I went. There was no escape from him or his accusing stare. The boss sent me home early since I kept jumping at every little thing.

A knock sounds from my door and I realized don’t want to be disturbed. I just want to be here alone with my thoughts and Tyler.


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