20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 8

Phrase 8: Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

“You are beautiful, Alex!” My Aunt slurred as she took another sip of her beer. She begins to pet my hair, tears welling in her eyes. I had to restrain myself from sighing out loud.

“I know isn’t she?” My mother says, also reaching out to pet my hair. I can tell she is getting emotional as well with the tremble in her voice. Oh no, I hate this part. I can’t deal with this much emotion.

I groan and take another sip of my soda. This always happens when my mother and Aunt drink around any of the kids. They get so emotional about how much we have grown, but I am always a hundred percent sure that it is the beer talking. Normally, I try to avoid these moments as I am allergic to any kind of emotion, but I was volunteered to be the designated driver by my cousin, Cathy. Now, I am sitting here with my Aunt and my mother petting my hair.

“You are just so great and kind. I love you so much.” My Aunt says like she is going to burst out into sobs right there.

“I love you too, honey. I don’t know what I would do without you and you have always made me proud.” My mother says, placing a kiss on my check.

Oh god, someone save me. Please. “I love you guys, too” I say politely and both of them squeeze me into a hug. I just wish if that if they meant all of this; they would just say it when they were not drunk.


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