20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 11

Phrase 11-Sometimes I aim to please, but mostly I just shoot to kill.

The gun feels like an extension of herself as she takes her shot. Another target down, another flawless job. She feels tired and weary of this life. She is tired of killing. She is tired of pretending and wearing a mask constantly. For once, she would just like to be done with this, but the people who hold the strings would never allow that to happen.

“Good job. You have your country well.” They say, pleased with her execution.

She wants to laugh in their face, at the lies they tell her. They tell her that her job is to serve her country, but she is a weapon and as long as she continues to kill for them, they will be pleased.  She waits for the day that she will turn her gun on them. Others will come and in their gain of power, they will want those who served before, destroyed. Her strings will not be cut, just traded to another.

Sometimes she aims to please, but mainly she just shoots to kill.


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