Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

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Her happy ending does not involve sharing a throne with someone who will have the ultimate say. Her happy ending does not involve being a public figure with no power and expectations to be perfect at all times. Her happy ending does not involve her power and name from being stripped from her. Her happy ending does not involve her identity disappearing and being swallowed whole by someone else.

They wanted her to subscribe to a life that would have killed her soul. So, she engineered her own happy ending, destroying those who stood in her way. She slayed the army sent by the privileged man, who would have married her. He would not get her or her Kingdom. She slayed the man, who would have destroyed her, in a terrifying display. She destroyed those who would oppose her and the crown.

As the crown was placed on her head, she felt an overwhelming sense of relief and happiness. In her happy ending, she will serve her people to the best of her abilities. In her happy ending, people will be equal and those who threaten to oppress will be destroyed. In her happy ending, she will retain her identity and her power. She will achieve her happy ending. No one will stand in her way. She will be the greatest King to have ever ruled.

Word Count: 226

Daily Post: SOS

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The pirate captain managed to drop the bottle over the edge as the storm pulled their ship into its deadly clutches. How foolish she was to underestimate the storm; it was a beginner’s mistake. She roared commands at her crew as the water rocked their ship violently, threatening destruction at any moment. The Captain could hear them scream back with apparent fear. Good women had already been lost and many more would be. Waves splashed over the edges, soaking the already wet deck from the rain. The Captain knew there was a good chance her crew would be sent to their watery graves.

She could only hope her SOS would reach someone and they would find land soon, but that was false hope considering the boat wouldn’t last much longer. In a flash of lightening and waves, the Captain was flung backwards into the cold water. When she reached the surface, the Captain glimpsed the wreckage of her boat and her crew in the water. Watery tendrils, in the form of undertow, pulled the captain once more below. She struggled to pull herself above, trying to ignore the siren call of the silent waters. Her mind and lungs screamed SOS as the light faded from her sea water coffin.

Word Count: 209

Returning Home

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Hello Everyone,

So, it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. I haven’t posted since the summer if I remember correctly. Anyway, I could tell you a number of excuses and none of them would ever be good enough reasons for not posting. I really enjoyed writing here and I let myself fall off the wagon, you could say. Anyway, the long story short is I am back and will be doing a few changes to the blog. It’s still about creative writing, but I will be messing about with the pages a bit. 

Although, while I have taken my unofficial hiatus, some good things have happened to me. I learned a lot about who I am and the person I want to be. I changed part of my double major once again; I am now an English with a focus in Creative Writing major and a Women and Gender Studies major. I will also not be posting from the United States as I am currently spending the semester abroad in London. Woo! England! If any of you who are still following this blog still live in England or have visited England, please suggest places. I am always looking for new places to visit. 

TLDR; I am back and I am in London! YAY! That is really all you needed from this post and I rambled a bit. 



Day 7-30 Day Writing Challenge

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Day 7 —What sets you apart from the crowd?

“What sets you apart from the crowd?” They asked the Old Space war Hero, craving the secrets she held. They wondered why she was the last one standing when all those fell around her on the battlefield. On the outside, there was nothing remarkable about the average looking Space Hero.

The Old Space Hero smirked, knowing they could never understand. They would never understand the impact of every choice and the weight of every burden she carried. Regrets haunted her like old friends, whispering in her ears at every second. She supposed the only remarkable thing was her perseverance, the will to carry on when the lights flare out.

“I suppose I just kept moving on when the others could not.” The Old Space Hero said, leaving them to think on her answer. They caught a glimpse of the wild spark in her eye, realizing what truly set her apart from the others.

Day 5 and 6-30 Day Writing Challenge

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Day 5 —Pick a letter of the alphabet.  Now imagine two aisles of your local supermarket.  List everything found in those two aisles that begin with that letter of the alphabet.

Items that can be found in the supermarket: Kale, Kit Kats, Kiwis, Kabobs, Ketchup, Key Lime Pie, Kidney Beans, Kool-aid, Kumquats, Kung Pao chicken, Kosher Dill pickles.

Day 6 —Write about a person who would buy all of those items in Day 5.

The young lawyer wanders down the aisle, taking in the K foods around her. She doesn’t understand why this supermarket categorizes by letter, but she won’t complain about it. The woman has better battles to fight. She isn’t a particularly accomplished cook, but she is trying to learn and expand her horizon. She mostly cooks for friends at her small apartment who tease her about her terrible food even though it isn’t and share in the mishaps during cooking.

She straightens her suit jacket and takes a look at the first item: Kale. The woman wrinkles her nose at the kale, thinking about how much it reminds her of broccoli. God, she hated broccoli as a child. Her mother used to try and force it down her throat. The woman still can’t stomach the sight of broccoli and she decides to move on, wanting to keep her stomach contents down.

Next up are Kumquats. The woman wonders what how people use Kumquats in their cooking. She has surprisingly never tried one and decides that Kumquats might be a lot of fun. The woman grabs the little round fruits, slipping them into a bag. She has never been a stranger to trying new things, each day of her life holds a new adventure.

The woman is distracted by the furry Kiwis and smiles to herself. She always found the little fruits odd like herself. They taste sweet, yet they have such an odd exterior. The woman always found that kiwis taste best with deserts. While she is not the world’s best baker yet, the woman is determined to make the kiwis her center focus.

However, that does not stop her from grabbing the Key Lime Pie she spies further down the aisle. She won’t wait to pick up when she gets to that point in the aisle. She might forget her favorite desert like she occasionally forgets other minor things. The woman tries not to be forgetful, but sometimes minor things slip her mind amongst the chaos of her thoughts.

Her eyes spy a jar of Kosher Dill pickles and the woman can’t help, but smile to herself. The pickles remind her of home, back in New York. She remembers the memories of her and her brother, eating peanut butter and Kosher Dill pickle sandwiches. Whenever the young lawyer goes to the supermarket, she always picks up a jar to reminisce about old times.

The woman picks up a can of Kidney Beans, figuring they can help her make a really nice chili. Her father, while distant in her childhood, always made a mean chili. She wishes she knew him better and continues to try to make a chili like his. Nothing tastes right about it, but she won’t give up. She can overcome anything in her past.

Next up is Kung Pao chicken and Kabobs in a freezer bag. The woman grabs a two bags, knowing the convenience of pre-made food. Her job does not leave a lot of time to cook, despite how much effort she tries to put in. It also has left little time for other pursuits during the work week. Work has left little time to see friends and families in the same manner that it has left her little time to cook.

The woman has found herself in the junk food part of the aisle, one of her least favorites. Kool-aid and Ketchup give her the willies. All she can think of is a giant glass man, emptying his contents to children while Ketchup has a sort of plastic quality to it. The woman moves on, preferring to stay away from things that give her the willies. While she is quite brave, there are just some things that she cannot handle.

The last thing before she leaves the aisles are Kit-Kats. The chocolate bars call out for her to buy them. The woman bites her lip, before grabbing the Kit-Kats. She knows better, but hell, they are good and she loves chocolates. The woman knows that she can indulge in her guilty pleasures every once in a while.

Author’s Note: I didn’t see the point in separating Day 5 and 6 so I put them together. I had a bit of fun writing for these prompts. 

Day 4-30 Day Writing Challenge

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Day 4 —Write a story/excerpt to include the line, “Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that.”

“Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that. Besides, you won’t make it.”  The man said behind the desk, watching her from behind the lens of his glasses. She frowned, knowing that she would find some way to get her dream journey.

The woman stared at one of the windows, watching the stars in the dark of space pass her by. The stars were more beautiful than she had imagined they would be. They had told her that she would never get insurance for journey like this, especially when she was dying. A year later, things turned around for her and she had another chance at her dream to be amongst the stars on the final frontier.

Day 3-30 Day Writing Challenge

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Day 3-Write about the worst time you’ve ever put your foot in your mouth.

She bit her lip nervously and glanced at the faces around her. The awkward silence got to her as a blush crept up her cheeks and she glanced around for an escape. Damn! Why had she said that to them. Her idea had not been particularly fantastic, but she had only been thinking aloud in the moment. She silently resolved to clarify herself and opened her mouth, before being cut off by a group member.

“We can definitely can come up with a better idea than that.” One of the members said dismissively, moving onto another idea. She could have dissolved into the ground.


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